Why You're Showering Improperly

Morning showers can wake you up, and night showers at the correct temperature can help you sleep, but dermatologists say it's more about how you shower than anything else.

Not So Much Morning Or Night

If you're inactive, you can shower three times a week. Avoid cutting back so much that you smell or get skin diseases.

Don't Shower Too Often

Water exposure opens the skin barrier and reduces water retention, causing dry skin and hair.

Keep Short

Set a playlist of two to three tracks or, as Ploch says, “Keep showers active” to track your shower time. Avoid standing under water for minutes.”

No Standing Around 

The recommended temperature is lukewarm to expand pores and clean them without removing their oils and moisture. Also, it'll lower your energy bill!

No Extreme Heat

Before wetting your hair, brush it to reduce tangles and breakage in the shower.

Brush Hair Before Washing

Since hair is dead cells, it needs less washing than skin. If you have dry hair, wash less often.

Don't Overwash Your Hair

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