What To plant In A greenhouse: 10 Top Crops To Grow


Chilies provide flavor to curries, stir-fries, pasta, and more. They're great if you're tight on room and have a top little greenhouse.


As they are tender plants, they do very well in greenhouses, offering a longer growing season than those grown outdoors.


These delicious veggies are perfect for summer salads or sandwiches. Plus, homegrown ones taste so much better than ones bought in the shops.


Greenhouse selection involves many choices. Choosing a heated one lets you start crops early. With aubergines, this can be January.


If you learn how to grow potatoes in your greenhouse during the leaner months, you'll give yourself and your family a supply all year long.

Brussels Sprouts

They may have a terrible reputation. But with some easy culinary abilities, the humble sprout may become a delectable side dish.


Sow them alongside other hardy plants like leeks and sprouts, so that once the warmer weather appears you can plant them out.


For salads, you can sow it all year round in your greenhouse. But, if you want it to mature then you should transplant seedlings five weeks after sowing.


Summer cabbages can be planted outside in spring if started in late winter. A 'cool season' vegetable, they thrive in greenhouses throughout winter. 


A summertime slice of luscious, aromatic melon is delicious. These crops like humidity and heat. Having a greenhouse makes it easy to cultivate your own.

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