Weight-Loss Dinners Under 500 Calories

Don't eat only salad and cooked chicken to reduce weight! Weight-loss meals don't have to taste bland.

 They don't need many ingredients or hours of prep and cooking. Dinner ideas for 500-calorie weight loss are here.

Protein, veggies, healthy fats, and fiber carbs should be meal staples. These nutrients can be combined in countless ways, so you can vary your dinners.Use these tips to reach your weight loss objectives. 

Shrimp Tacos

Though tacos may not be your typical weight loss lunch, they may be adjusted to fit your needs. Lean shrimp adds approximately 30 grams of filling protein to this dish. 

Tomato Sauce Baked Eggs

Eggs are protein-rich and cook faster than meat. This veggie meal is flavorful and nutritious. Use a low-sodium, no-sugar sauce to make this dish nutritious.

Pesto-Chicken Gnocchi

The dish has 30 grams of protein and is ready in minutes. It has less fiber than other foods on our list, but you can improve it by picking the highest-fiber gnocchi brands.

Sweet Potato BBQ Chicken

Four-ingredient meals are the easiest. Even better, this dish is plenty of fiber and protein for a hearty, fulfilling meal.

Ground Turkey, White Bean Soup

Soup is a filling, nutritious dish. Turkey and beans provide protein and fiber to this lunch.

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