The 10 Cleanest Dog Breeds For Mess Averse Owners

Poodles are good for dog hair-conscious people. Their popularity stems from their non-moulting. Poodles' non-moulting is a major reason for their popularity.


With more cocker and less poodle, you may obtain a moulting cockapoo. These purpose-bred poodle-cocker spaniel mixes are popular.


A hypoallergenic cockapoo is more likely to not molt, but not guaranteed. Due to their intellect, they are easier to train and more obedient.


The schnauzer is versatile and comes in tiny, regular, and enormous sizes. Mini schnauzers are popular due to their petite stature and non-moulting coat.

Mini Schnauzer

They're often mistaken for poodles or cockapoos and come in white or cream, so they need some upkeep to seem beautiful.

Bichon Frise

Mexican hairless dogs, or Xoloitzcuintles, are completely hairless.This breed has no hair, therefore you won't have dog hair on your clothes.

Mexican Hairless Dog

Although they adore an active lifestyle, they rarely soil your Persian rug. Basenjis are clean.


Though born to run, they are couch potatoes and enjoy to lounge. Greyhounds are the fastest.Though born to run, they are couch potatoes and enjoy to lounge.


Whippets are graceful and sometimes overlooked, yet they make terrific (and clean) pets. For mess-conscious people, the whippet looks like a greyhound but is smaller.


The Italian greyhound, like the whippet and greyhound, is a sight hound but smaller. Imagine a little greyhound.

Italian Greyhounds

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