Never Sell These 8 Items in a Garage Sale

Recalled Items: Selling products that have been recalled by manufacturers is illegal and dangerous. These items are recalled for safety reasons, and selling them could put others at risk.

Counterfeit Items: Selling fake or counterfeit products, such as designer goods, is illegal and could lead to legal consequences.

Used Cosmetics: For hygiene reasons, it's not advisable to sell used makeup or other personal cosmetic items. These can harbor bacteria and cause infections.

Mattresses and Upholstered Furniture: These items can be infested with bed bugs or other pests. Selling them could unknowingly spread an infestation.

Baby Cribs and Car Seats: Safety standards for baby items such as cribs and car seats change frequently. Older models may not meet current safety standards, posing a risk to a child's safety.

Helmets: Used helmets, whether for biking, motorcycling, or other activities, may have been in an accident and could be compromised, offering less protection.

Software and Computer Games: Selling software and games can violate copyright laws, especially if the original packaging and documentation are not included.

Personal and Sensitive Information: Be cautious about selling anything that might contain your personal information, such as used computers, phones, or storage devices. Always wipe them clean of any data before considering such sales.

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