8 Unique Planters for Decor

Macramé hangers add bohemian flair to little plants, while glass terrariums create geometric mini ecosystems that dangle elegantly.

Hanging Planters

Use old shoes as quirky, eco-friendly planters or tea tins or coffee cans as vintage vessels for your green friends.

Upcycled Containers

Arrange wooden crates or pallets creatively to form multi-level planters, ideal for herb gardens or cascading flowers.

Stacked Crates or Pallets

 Choose animal-shaped pots for a whimsical touch or custom-designed ceramic planters to make your plants statement pieces.

Creative Ceramic Pots

Use floating shelves with plant holders for a modern, minimalist effect, or hang vertical gardens with pouches or pockets to create a distinctive greenery wall.

Suspended Gardens

Modern, industrial concrete planters or durable, trendy metal containers like galvanized buckets or vintage watering cans add a distinctive spin to standard plant pots.

Unconventional Materials

Old drawers can be turned into rustic planters, while wooden barrels or crates can be turned into attractive homes for your green pets.

Repurposed Furniture

Modern geometric planters enhance the look of your plants. Optional: faceted planters provide style and variety to your design.

Geometric Planters

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