8 Places Where Houses Are Suddenly Major Bargains

Jackson, Mississippi: Exhibited the largest decrease in median list price year-over-year, making it the top city for home bargains.

Detroit, Michigan: Also saw a significant drop in median list price from the previous year.

Flint, Michigan: Experienced a notable year-over-year price change.

South Bend, Indiana: Showed a decrease in median list prices, indicating potential bargains for homebuyers.

Lafayette, Louisiana: Along with a drop in median list prices, it offers homes at prices below the national average.

Macon, Georgia: Features affordable homes with a slight decrease in median list prices year-over-year.

New Orleans, Louisiana: Also offers homes with a modest decrease in list prices compared to the previous year.

St. Louis, Missouri: Rounded out the list with a slight decrease in median list prices, making it a potential area for bargains.

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