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7 Best Frozen Pizza at the Grocery Store, According to Consumer Reports

DiGiorno: Known for its rising crust and variety of toppings, DiGiorno is often praised for its quality.

Red Baron: Offers a range of pizza options, including classic and brick oven crust varieties.

 California Pizza Kitchen: Known for creative and gourmet toppings, California Pizza Kitchen's frozen pizzas aim to capture a restaurant-quality experience.

Tombstone: A popular choice for its affordability and classic pizza options.

Amy's Kitchen: Specializes in organic and vegetarian frozen pizzas, catering to a health-conscious audience.

Freschetta: Praised for its quality crust and flavorful toppings, Freschetta offers a variety of pizza styles.

Home Run Inn: Recognized for its authentic Chicago-style pizza, Home Run Inn is often well-regarded by frozen pizza enthusiasts.

Palermo's: Offers a variety of pizza options, including thin crust and specialty pizzas.