‘$100K Is Not a Lot of Money’ — This 100-Year-Old Money Rule Still Applies Today

It seems I encountered an issue retrieving the specific information about the "$100K Is Not a Lot of Money" topic and the 100-year-old money rule that still applies today.

Without direct access to the requested article or information, I can provide some context based on general financial principles that have stood the test of time.

The concept that "$100K is not a lot of money" reflects the reality of inflation and changing financial landscapes over the years.

A century ago, $100,000 was a vast sum, capable of securing a luxurious lifestyle and financial security for life.

Today, while still a significant amount, $100,000 doesn't have the same purchasing power or long-term security due to inflation, increased living costs, and changing economic conditions.

One enduring money rule that could relate to this concept is the importance of saving and investing wisely for the future.

The value of money decreases over time due to inflation, so simply saving money without earning interest or investing in appreciating assets can lead to a decrease in wealth in real terms.

Financial advice from a century ago about investing in diverse, appreciating assets, reinvesting dividends, and thinking long-term when it comes to financial planning still holds true today.

Another principle is the idea of living within one's means and saving a portion of one's income, regardless of how much money one makes.

This principle helps build a financial cushion that can protect against unexpected expenses and economic downturns, emphasizing the importance of saving and investing as a means to ensure financial security over time.

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