10 Things Polite People Always Say

"Please": This word is a fundamental aspect of polite requests. It transforms a command into a courteous request.

"Thank you": Expressing gratitude is essential in acknowledging someone's help, gift, or kindness. It shows appreciation for the efforts of others.

"Excuse me": Used to politely get someone's attention, navigate through a crowd, or as a prelude to asking a question.

"I'm sorry": An authentic apology can go a long way in mending inadvertent mistakes or offenses, showing that you value the feelings and comfort of others.

"You're welcome": A polite response to "thank you" that acknowledges the gratitude expressed and completes the exchange positively.

"May I...?": Whether asking for permission to leave the table or to borrow something, starting a request with "May I" is a sign of respect for others' boundaries and consent.

"After you": Allowing someone else to go before you, whether entering a building, room, or starting to eat, is a gesture of courtesy.

"Pardon me": Used to politely ask for repetition or clarification when you haven't heard or understood something, and also to excuse oneself in situations like needing to leave a conversation briefly.

"I appreciate it": Expressing appreciation shows that you do not take others' actions for granted and that their efforts have positive value to you.

"Could you please...?": Adding "please" to a request makes it more polite, and using "could you" instead of "can you" softens the request further, making it less demanding.

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