10 Polite Habits That Fast-Food Employees Secretly Dislike

Overly Complicated Orders: While customizing orders is a normal part of dining out, extremely detailed or complicated requests can slow down service, especially during peak hours.

Too Many Questions About Menu Items: It's okay to ask questions, but excessively querying the staff about every menu item when there's a long line can be taxing and slow down service.

Consolidating Small Orders at the Last Minute: Trying to be efficient by combining multiple small orders into one large order at the window or counter can throw off the kitchen’s flow.

Leaving Too Much Change in the Tip Jar: While tipping is appreciated, dumping a lot of coins can sometimes be more cumbersome than helpful, as employees have to count and manage the change.

Insisting on Helping to Clean Up: While it’s polite to want to help clean up a spill or mess, it can sometimes create more work for employees due to health and safety standards they're required to follow.

Declining Receipts Then Asking for One: Initially refusing a receipt and then asking for one after the transaction has been closed out can complicate the process, especially during busy times. .

Apologizing Excessively for a Small Request: Constantly saying sorry for asking for extra napkins, condiments, or utensils isn’t necessary and can sometimes make interactions more awkward than they need to be.

Making a Show of Generosity: While it's kind to offer to pay for the next customer's meal, doing so in a way that demands acknowledgment or causes a delay can be problematic for employees.

Giving Verbal Tips Instead of Monetary: Compliments to the staff are always welcome, but they cannot replace monetary tips, especially when employees are working hard to serve customers efficiently..

Waiting to Search for Payment: Waiting until the total is announced to start searching for one's wallet or purse can hold up lines and add unnecessary pressure to the fast-paced environment of fast-food service.

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