10 Historical Figures Idolized by Society but Truly Horrible People

Christopher Columbus: Often celebrated for "discovering" the Americas, Columbus' expeditions led to the colonization and exploitation of the Americas

Thomas Jefferson: While Jefferson is celebrated as a Founding Father and the principal author of the Declaration of Independence

Winston Churchill: A revered British Prime Minister known for his leadership during World War II

Andrew Jackson: The seventh President of the United States is often remembered for his populist policies

Leopold II of Belgium: Idolized in Belgium for his contributions to the country’s infrastructure, Leopold II was responsible for the exploitation

Genghis Khan: Celebrated for founding the Mongol Empire and his military genius, Genghis Khan's conquests were marked by widespread slaughter and destruction, leading to millions of deaths.

Julius Caesar: A central figure in Rome's transition from republic to empire, Caesar's military campaigns in Gaul were marked by brutal warfare

Pablo Picasso: One of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Picasso's personal life was marked by his mistreatment

Henry Ford: While Ford revolutionized the automobile industry and made cars accessible to the masses

Mother Teresa: Idolized for her work with the poor in Kolkata, India, Mother Teresa has been criticized for the quality of care in her Missionaries of Charity's homes

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