10 Beautiful Flowers That Look Like Birds

Bird of Paradise:

Known for its striking resemblance to a tropical bird in flight, with vibrant colors and unique shape.

Parrot's Beak:

This flower has bright red-orange petals that resemble the curved beak of a parrot.

Swan Orchid:

The flower's shape resembles the neck of a swan, with a long, slender column and petals that curve gracefully.


Also known as "rooster comb," this flower's plumed shape resembles the head of a rooster.

Flying Duck Orchid:

This orchid from Australia has flowers that look like tiny ducks in flight.


Some varieties of columbine have flowers that resemble a cluster of birds in flight.

Bleeding Heart:

The flowers of this plant resemble a row of heart-shaped petals that hang down, resembling a line of birds in flight.

Monkey Orchid:

This orchid from South America has flowers that resemble the face of a monkey.

Angel's Trumpet:

The large, trumpet-shaped flowers of this plant resemble the elongated beak of a bird.


The flowers of snapdragons have a unique shape that resembles a dragon's mouth, but can also be interpreted as a bird's head.

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