“Omg. You have a beautiful personality & you’ve always taken great care of us but Danica, it’s your products that truly differentiate you & keep us coming back! Your deep-rooted belief that photos deserve to be treated as art in the home, placed on prominent display & enjoyed daily has changed the way I think about family photos! Your work is not just a cliche, it’s ART. There are lots of good photographers who also are great people, I just can’t bring myself to call them, because you set the bar too damn high!!”

3) For adults it increases gratitude and happiness.
It’s only 8am and you’ve already spilled coffee on your pants when the dog jumped on you, you yelled at your kids because they were taking forever to get out the door, and you feel the sting of sadness that your husband no longer kisses you every morning before work like he used to. In the midst of the chaos you glance over and see the sweetest picture of your family on the wall in your family room. You remember that day – it was one of the best days you’ve had together. You spent the whole day having fun and laughing till your abs hurt, and the joy radiates from that picture. Your husband is stroking your hair in the photo and you are instantly reminded of how tender hearted he is. You see your son and are reminded of his incredible gift for making the whole family burst into belly-aching laughter. As you look at your daughter buckled over in the pictures you can literally hear her infectious laughter in your head. Suddenly your whole morning has turned around and the chaos you felt a moment ago has been replaced with gratitude that you get to call these people your family. You smile as you usher the kids out the door and quickly send your husband a text “You mean the world to me!”

2) For older kids it builds their confidence and self esteem.
When kids see a photo of their parents hugging them and grinning it helps them know that they are loved. Having images on your walls of your family reminds your children that they belong in your family, and belonging is a driving force and shapes our identity. In our fast paced environment where social media is causing depression among teens, it is more critical then ever that we provide a home where our kids feel safe, loved, and a sense of belonging. Seeing photos of their family as a happy, connected unit helps give teens this assurance.

1) For babies seeing photos of themselves and their family supports brain development.
Have you ever noticed that babies love looking at themselves in the mirror? They also love looking at pictures of families members that they know. Relationships are fundamental to how we make sense of our world and where we fit. As babies’ brains are developing they are making the connections between people and relationships and seeing faces of people they know in a 2 dimensional format helps solidify how those people are connected.

When kids see photos in their home of themselves wrapped in a warm embrace, or with their family on a great adventure, or looking and feeling radiantly happy, it builds their self-esteem and sense of worthiness. Seeing photos of themselves helps them know deep down that there’s a place where they belong. Having photos in your home helps your children feel deeply loved and seen for who they are. They build the story of their identity and where they came from. This small change in your home will have a valuable impact on the lives of your children.

That’s why your photoshoot with us goes well beyond your experience behind the lens. To us, that’s just a small part of the process. It’s so crucial to us that you don’t just see your pictures one time and then forget about them, but that you see them on a daily basis so that you can reap the lifelong benefits. When you hire us you aren’t just paying for photos, you are investing in an experience that will increase your love, gratitude, sense of self, perspective on your motherhood, and your connection with those you hold dear. That is SO worth investing in, don’t you think?


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