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Welcome to Colorado Spring's only full service birth photography collective, specializing in birth and the time around growing your family.

Our goal is to connect you with the leading birth photographers in town. We all hold a professional standard, have won numerous awards, and back each other up (so you may see any one of us at your birth). We support each other so we can each care for you and your story with the up most care and commitment. We each preserve the sacredness of your birthing space. When you hire one of us to capture your birth, you are not only hiring an award winning and published birth photographer, but three women who dedicate themselves to each birth as a unique and individual story with its own feel, flow, and style. We love bringing our experience and passion into your birth space and celebrating with you as you transition from baby in your belly, to baby in your arms. 

Colorado Springs
Birth Photography Collective

“Danica, I’m speechless. These are the best images we’ve ever had as a complete family. Better than our wedding and anything else. I’m going through them over and over. I seriously am so in love with what you’re doing. You have found your gold. We sometimes sit on the couch and stare at your work, in awe. It’s even better knowing the lady behind the camera is such a beautiful soul.” -Anna

“Way beyond a photographer, Kate is a witness of one of the most important, empowering and beautiful experiences of your life. I can’t recommend her highly enough - I was moved to tears by the stunning and thoughtful art that she created”
-Mary M.

"Lexi recently photographed the birth of our son, and it was the best decision we could have ever made. Not only is she a brilliant photographer, she seemlessly fit right into our birth team with her calm, non-intrusive, supportive energy. Simply put, her work is raw and stunning. We have spent countless hours staring at the images as they transport us back to that incredible moment in time. Thank you, Lexi! Your photos will be cherished forever."
-Alexis & Justin

"Danica is one of the best birth photographers I’ve had the privilege of working with. Her work is absolutely incredible, and she has so much respect for the birth space. She is able to capture the most intimate moments without disrupting the flow of labor. I recommend her to all of my doula clients and friends!"

"Kate is an incredible photographer. She knows how to find the right ambiance to the session, whether it's romantic, meaningful or needs a good laugh. She's engaged with her artistry and knows how to connect on a human level with her clients, as she did with my partner and me. I appreciate her work and would highly recommend her."

"Lexi is an incredible photographer and has such an eye for both the art and the magic of birth. The moments she illustrates on camera embody pure strength and empowerment. Not only did she capture beautifully intimate photos of the birth of our child, she was also an invaluable member of my birth team. Almost a year later, and I can still vividly remember hearing her words of encouragement during my birth, while I cant really remember anyone else. She is a beautiful human being and will undoubtedly be at all of my future births as well."

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